James Timbie Forum on Arms Control and Nonproliferation

The Department of State’s James Timbie Forum on Arms Control and Nonproliferation is dedicated to fostering new voices and new ideas on nuclear policy. The Forum is named for James Timbie, a forty-year veteran of the Department of State and a key player in the formation or implementation of virtually every important arms control and nonproliferation effort that occurred during his tenure. Timbie was a model diplomat, scientist and public servant, and he continues to be a role model for all those who aspire to join or excel in the field.

Taking place each summer in Washington, DC, the Timbie Forum hosts diverse, dynamic and sometimes provocative panels, speakers and presentations in the hopes of generating the kinds of ideas and leaders that will help reduce the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction and other unconventional weapons.

For inquiries, email: TimbieForum@state.gov