The 15th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Landmines

PM/WRA Deputy Director Steve Costner
Statement by U.S. Delegation
Washington, DC
December 1, 2016

Madame President,

The United States is pleased to attend the Fifteenth Meeting of States Parties to the Ottawa Convention. We would like to thank Chile for hosting the meeting, and for its commitment to humanitarian demining at home and abroad. I would also like to congratulate Poland on completing the destruction of their APL stockpiles.

As many of you are aware, in 2014 the United States announced several important changes to our policy with respect to anti-personnel landmines that align our policy outside the Korean Peninsula with the key requirements of the Ottawa Convention. This announcement included a commitment to continue to work to find ways that would allow us to ultimately fully comply with and accede to the Ottawa Convention while ensuring our ability to respond to contingencies on the Korean Peninsula. This process is ongoing. The security of the Republic of Korea remains a paramount concern as we go forward. 

As always, the United States applauds the significant accomplishments to date by Parties to the Ottawa Convention in addressing the humanitarian impact of anti-personnel landmines. We have contributed to this effort, providing more than $2.6 billion in conventional weapons destruction assistance, which includes demining and clearance of unexploded ordnance, to more than 95 countries. We look forward to continuing these efforts and our partnership with other States and non-governmental organizations to protect civilians from the harmful effects from landmines.

Thank you, Madame President.