Statement on the Passage of Section 1261 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013

Andrew J. Shapiro
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Washington, DC
January 9, 2013

We welcome the passage of Section 1261 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013. For 14 years the U.S. satellite industry has been at a competitive disadvantage largely as a result of excessive restrictions placed on the export of commercial satellites. Over the past two years, the Administration has worked closely with the Congress to normalize our satellite export controls and at the same time, ensure that all exports of satellites are held to a high level of scrutiny to protect U.S. technology and national security. This legislation will also help even the playing field for U.S. manufacturers. Congress’s passage of Section 1261 is a key step in the President’s Export Control Reform initiative to complete the rebuilding of our export control lists, and we look forward to continuing to work with Congress to implement further reforms to bolster U.S. business and national security. The ability to “right size” our controls will have the additional national security benefit of contributing to the health and the competitiveness of the defense and manufacturing industrial base.