Exercise Deep Sabre 2016

Press Release
Washington, DC
September 29, 2016

If rogue groups get their hands on weapons of mass destruction, the impact on our security at international, regional, and national levels would be devastating. (helicopter engine)
- [Reporter] With those words, exercise deep Sabre 2016, an exercise intended to prevent the spread of WMDS, began in Singapore.
- This exercise in particular really had three primary goals: one was to encourage capacity building amongst the partners; another important aspect is to ensure cooperation amongst in between the partners in the partner countries; and then finally, to send a strong deterrent signal.
- [Reporter] 21 nations participated in the exercise, which culminated with partner Navies cooperating in a visit board search and seizure exercise on a maritime vessel of interest, helping to build interoperability and more between partner nations.
- The interoperability is certainly a bonus. I think maybe more importantly though is the, this capacity building within the countries themselves. It's very rare under a PSI scenario that we would cooperate in an actual interdiction, so this really enables them to develop some of those best practices, learning from each other, but then if needed, demonstrating them on their own.
- [Reporter] Building these capabilities continues to enhance international and regional cooperation, and strengthen proliferation security. (helicopter engine) Reporting from Navy Region Singapore, I'm Petty Officer Phil Stewart.