Advisor Program

The EXBS Program Advisor is the lead "in-country" contact to support promotion of improvements to strategic trade control and border security systems, legal and institutional reform and regional cooperation through consistent, face-to-face interaction, meetings, and training with partner country counterparts. The Advisor works with each partner country's government agencies, and with international donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other U.S. government agencies to plan, coordinate and deliver training, equipment and services designed to strengthen a country's nonproliferation policies, strategic trade control system and border security capabilities. Advisors assist in assuring that a framework based on international standards, relevant Conventions, and agreed "best practices" is in place to advance partner country nonproliferation efforts.

The Advisor provides substantive input to the development and implementation of EXBS Country Program Plans, verifies that EXBS equipment is deployed, operational, and used for intended purposes, and submits reports on the status of the partner country’s nonproliferation policies, strategic trade control system, and border control capabilities resulting from EXBS and related U.S. Government support. The Advisor provides recommendations on how to address identified requirements with available funding.

The Advisor serves under the Chief of Mission while assigned to the embassy and works closely with the country team to optimize EXBS assistance and ensure it complements other nonproliferation assistance activities. EXBS Advisors report to the Office of Export Control Cooperation in the State Department's Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN/ECC) and work closely with EXBS country program managers in Washington to evaluate and outline the direction of the EXBS Program in each country.

There are currently over 20 full time EXBS Advisors assigned to posts around the world, covering nearly 40 countries. For more information on the EXBS Advisor Program please contact