Executive Order 12938, as amended

Through Executive Order 12938 of November 1994, President Clinton declared a national emergency with respect to the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and the means of delivering them. E.O. 12938 prohibits the importation of goods, technology, or services produced or provided by foreign persons that the Secretary of State has determined to impose an import ban because of their WMD proliferation activities. Executive Order 12938 has been amended twice—once in 1998 (E.O. 13094) and again in 2005 (E.O. 13382)—with the goal of making it more effective in combating the spread of unconventional weapons. President Obama in November 2011 extended the order that established the spread of chemical, nuclear and biological weapons as a national emergency.

Complete list of sanctioned entities

06/02/09  Executive Order 12938