U.S.-Romania Joint Statement on the Technical Capability of the Aegis Ashore Site at Deveselu, Military Base, Romania

Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance
December 18, 2015

The United States and Romania are committed to enhancing bilateral ties and working to strengthen security in the Euro-Atlantic area. In the context of their Strategic Partnership, the United States and Romania are pleased to announce today that major military components of the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS) in Romania, a key element in Phase II of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), are completed and have been handed over to the operational commander for future integration into the NATO Ballistic Missile Defense architecture.

Delivery of this capability signals a significant increase in ballistic missile defense capability and defensive coverage for southern and central NATO Europe against short- and medium-range ballistic missile threats emanating from outside the Euro-Atlantic Area. Reaching today’s achievement is indicative of the close cooperation between the United States and Romania and the two countries' shared commitment to regional stability and security. This announcement underlines the breadth and depth of our strategic partnership in this the 135th year of our bilateral relations.

EPAA Phase II enhances existing U.S. and NATO capabilities with upgrades to the Aegis BMD system, a more advanced version of the Standard Missile-3 interceptor, and the addition of a U.S. land-based SM-3 ballistic missile defense site (also referred to as the Aegis Ashore) at Deveselu. These enhancements build upon previously completed efforts for NATO BMD architecture including the placement of an AN/TPY-2 radar in Turkey, a NATO command and control network operated from Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and BMD-capable multi-mission Aegis ships home-ported in Rota, Spain.

Today's announcement follows extensive military construction, equipment installation, and testing activities at Deveselu. EPAA contributes substantially to NATO's collective security as an integral part of NATO BMD.

Romania and the United States cooperate successfully across a broad spectrum of security efforts, including through Operation Atlantic Resolve, and in other exercises and missions across the globe. Within this context, Romania periodically hosts U.S. European Command and its service components to jointly conduct training exercises with military forces from the Central European and Black Sea regions.