NRRC Organization

Day-to-day management is provided by the Staff Director, equivalent to an office director. The Deputy Staff Director is an active duty military officer assigned by the DoD to the NRRC and has historically been an Air Force officer with strategic nuclear force experience. The NRRC staff is divided into two units: a support staff component and a watch center operations component. Support staff members represent the NRRC at interagency meetings, prepare and clear NRRC policy positions, and assist in training watch officers. The watch center component provides the 24-hour communications coverage via secure internet, satellite, and facsimile lines. The watch center officers are either Foreign Service or civil service personnel. Since foreign communications via the OSCE network can be in any one of the six treaty languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian or Italian), watch officers are selected for their expertise and experience in at least one treaty related foreign language.