Common Dual-Use and Military Control Lists of the EU

Establishing and implementing effective strategic trade controls are imperative to stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons. One component of effective strategic trade controls is the adoption of control lists which meet international standards. Control lists outline which goods should be controlled due to proliferation concerns. Typically, control lists fall into two categories, dual-use and military.

Goods and technologies are classified as military goods if they are designed specifically for military use, such as small arms, armed vehicles and protective equipment. Goods and technologies are considered to be dual-use when they can be used for both civil and military purposes, such as special materials, sensors and lasers, and high-end electronics. 

The European Union maintains and publishes lists of dual-use and military items which countries should control. The EXBS Program translates these lists into various languages for use by the international community.

Below, you will find links to the English version of the EU Dual-Use and Military control lists, as well as to the various translations of the lists conducted by EXBS. Please note the date next to each link, as not every language has been updated to match the latest EU publication.

Dual-Use List                                                                                           Military List

Albanian - 2007                                                                                        Bahasa - 2007

Arabic - 2009                                                                                           Bosnian - 2003

Armenian - 2007                                                                                      Chinese - 2010  

Bahasa - 2008                                                                                          English - 2010

Bosnian - 2003                                                                                         Macedonian - 2003

Chinese - 2010                                                                                         Russian - 2010

English - 2009                                                                                          Serbian - 2003

Macedonian - 2003                                                                                   Sinhalese - 2007

Russian - 2010                                                                                         Thai - 2005

Serbian - 2003                                                                                          Vietnamese - 2010

Sinhalese - 2007

Thai - 2006

Turkish - 2006

Vietnamese - 2010