EXBS Electronic Tools

In order to accomplish its core objective of non-proliferation, the EXBS Program has overseen the development of various electronic tools to assist licensing officials, border police and customs officials, as well as industry professionals fight the proliferation of dual-use goods, conventional weapons and WMD.

For specific information regarding  EXBS's Electronic Tools, please click the links below:

Internal Control Program - The Internal Control Program provides information and guidance to assist industry in establishing and maintaining export control compliance.

Restricted Parties Screening Tool - The Restricted Parties Search Tool provides you with the capability to conduct and document screenings against a number of official lists.

Classification Search Tool - The Classification Search Tool is an electronic tool which allows users to conduct key word searches against national control lists and the harmonized tariff code list.

Product Identification Tool - The Product Identification Tool provides guidance and assistance to Customs officers to help them better screen shipments at the Customs post.

National Control List Portal - The National Control List Portal assists officials in evaluating and developing a national export control list.

Industry Outreach Compliance - The Industry Outreach Compliance course was developed as part of the U.S. Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program and is designed for government export enforcement personnel who are interested in developing or enhancing their own program.

Licensing Officer Instructional Simulation - The Licensing Officer Instructional Simulation supports partner governments in establishing skills in their licensing officers to allow them to make sound licensing determinations following the license application review process.

Tracker - Tracker is a software system that automates the processing of export license applications for controlled items, allowing icensing officials to coordinate internal analysis with associated government entities involved in the license review process.