Our Ocean Social Media Toolkit

The 2015 Our Ocean Conference will be hosted by the Government of Chile in Valparaiso, Chile on October 5-6, 2015. This conference will bring together experts, non-government organizations, and government officials from around the world to highlight sustainable fishing, marine pollution, ocean acidification, and marine protected areas. This conference is a follow up to the first Our Ocean Conference held in Washington, DC in 2014, which resulted in commitments from government and private sources valued at more than $800 million a well as commitments for the protection of more than three million square kilometers of the ocean.

You can watch conference events live at http://www.nuestrooceano2015.gob.cl/en/.

We encourage you to check the social media accounts below for live updates and reports of progress at the conference.



Take Action for Our Ocean / Actúe Para Salvar Nuestros Océanos 
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Secretary Kerry: Help Protect Our Ocean 
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Marine Pollution - Be a Part of the Solution
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Ocean Acidification - Be a Part of the Solution
Unsustainable Fishing - Be a Part of the Solution
Jack Johnson's Two Steps to Help Protect Our Ocean
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Oceans are a Global Resource (featuring Philippe Cousteau)
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  • There is only one ocean. Protecting it is up to you! #OurOcean2015 @Minrel_Chile @StateDeptOES @StateDept
  • Take action for our ocean! #OurOcean2015 @Minrel_Chile @StateDeptOES @StateDept youtu.be/Ailhs1zMiSk
  • Watch the #OurOcean2015 conference live from Valparaiso! @Minrel_Chile @StateDeptOES @StateDept www.nuestrooceano2015.gob.cl/en
  • .@JohnKerry and @HeraldoMunoz want you to take action for our ocean! #OurOcean2015 youtu.be/Ailhs1zMiSk

“Taking Action for Our Ocean” Town Hall Q&A

Secretary Kerry and Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz will participate in a town hall meeting with students entitled, “Taking Action for Our Ocean” on Monday October 5. Please use your social media properties to encourage audiences to submit questions on Twitter using the hashtag #OurOcean2015. You will be able to watch the town hall live from Chile on 2009-2017.state.gov. Please use the graphics and suggested posts  below to help promote this event.


  • On Monday, @JohnKerry will participate in a town hall on the state of our ocean. Send ?s now using #OurOcean2015!
  • Ask your questions on the state of our ocean using #OurOcean2015 and watch Secretary @JohnKerry live on Monday from #Chile!
  • Join Secretary @JohnKerry in taking action for our ocean and submit your ?s now using #OurOcean2015.


  • U.S. Secretary of State Kerry and Chilean Foreign Minister Muñoz want you to take action for our ocean! Share their video and tell the world what you are doing to protect our ocean! #OurOcean2015 youtu.be/Ailhs1zMiSk
  • What’s for dinner? The U.S. Presidential Initiative on Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud is quite a mouthful to say but it will help U.S. consumers know exactly which fish they’re eating for dinner. #OurOcean2015 www.nmfs.noaa.gov/ia/iuu/taskforce.html
  • The United States announced the Trash Free Waters program last year to stop trash and debris from entering the ocean through sustainable product design, increased material recovery and reuse, and a new nationwide trash prevention ethic. Learn about this and other new initiatives to prevent marine debris on October 5-6 by watching live events from the Our Ocean conference:  www.nuestrooceano2015.gob.cl/en  #OurOcean2015
  • At OurOcean2014 the United States announced a contribution of $640,000 to support the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Center in Monaco, bringing its total contribution to $1 million. Tune in to #OurOcean2015 to learn what we’re doing this year! www.nuestrooceano2015.gob.cl/en
  • One year ago President Obama announced the expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Working together, our nations can reach our goal of protecting at least 10 percent of all coastal and marine areas by 2020.  #OurOcean2015

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