Travel to Colombia, September 26, 2016

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Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Cartagena, ‎Colombia, on September 26. He led the United States delegation at the signing of the peace accord between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to end over 50 years of conflict. He also participated in bilateral meetings with regional counterparts. The Secretary's presence follows years of U.S. engagement to facilitate the negotiations


09/26/16 Interview With Claudia Gurisatti of NTN24/RCNTV;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Cartagena, Colombia
09/26/16 Secretary Kerry's Meeting with Venezuelan President Maduro; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
09/26/16 Remarks With Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Before Their Meeting;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Cartagena, Colombia
09/26/16 Remarks During Discussion With Victims of Conflict Representing Disadvantaged Youth, Former Combatants, and Landmine Victims;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Escuela Taller; Cartagena, Colombia
09/26/16 Roundtable With Traveling Press;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Cartagena, Colombia
09/22/16 Background Briefing Previewing Secretary Kerry's Travel to Cartagena; Office of the Spokesperson; Via Teleconference


09/26/16  Public Schedule: September 26, 2016