Details of Travel to Brussels, Chisinau, Jerusalem and Ramallah, December 3-6, 2013

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Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Brussels, Chisinau, Jerusalem and Ramallah from December 3 to 6.

In Brussels, Secretary Kerry attended the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Foreign Ministerial and associated meetings December 3-4.

In Chisinau, Secretary Kerry met with senior Moldovan officials. He discussed bilateral issues, as well as Moldova’s path toward European integration.  Dipnote»

In Jerusalem, Secretary Kerry met with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss a range of issues including Iran and the negotiations with the Palestinians. In Ramallah, Secretary Kerry met with President Abbas where he also discussed the ongoing final status negotiations, among other issues.

Tel aviv


12/06/13 Press Availability at Ben Gurion International Airport;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Tel Aviv, Israel



12/05/13 Statement Following Meeting With President Mahmoud Abbas;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Muqata'a Presidential Compound; Ramallah



12/05/13 Joint Statement With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Prime Minister's Office; Jerusalem



12/04/13 Remarks at Moldova Trade and Investment Showcase;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Cricova Winery; Chisinau, Moldova
12/04/13 Meeting With Embassy Chisinau Staff and Families;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Embassy Chisinau; Chisinau, Moldova
12/04/13 Remarks Before His Meeting With Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti;  Secretary of State John Kerry; Presidential Residence; Chisinau, Moldova
12/05/13 Background Briefing on the NATO-Russia Meeting; En Route to Chisinau, Moldova

Press Releases

12/04/13 The United States and Moldova: Partners in European Integration, Democracy and Economic Development; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC



12/04/13 Remarks at Top of Meeting With EU High Representative Cathy Ashton;  Secretary of State John Kerry; NATO; Brussels, Belgium
12/03/13 Solo Press Availability at NATO;  Secretary of State John Kerry; NATO Headquarters; Brussels, Belgium
12/03/13 Remarks at a Cyber Partnership Agreement Signing With Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet;  Secretary of State John Kerry; NATO; Brussels, Belgium
12/03/13 Background Briefing on Secretary Kerry's Trip to Belgium and Moldova; En Route to Brussels, Belgium

Press Releases

12/03/13 The United States and Estonia: Partners in Cyber Security and Internet Freedom; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC


12/06/13  December 06 - Friday
12/05/13  December 05 - Thursday
12/04/13  December 04 - Wednesday
12/03/13  December 03 - Tuesday