Remarks to Press Upon Arrival at NATO Headquarters

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Brussels, Belgium
December 6, 2016

QUESTION: Good morning, Secretary Kerry. What do you expect from this meeting today?

SECRETARY KERRY: I hope a very constructive conversation about the importance of NATO and our commitment to many enterprises that we’re working on together, ranging from Afghanistan to counterterrorism to the operations in the Aegean with respect to migrants, the frontline state reassurance program. There’s an enormous amount on the agenda.

But the real effort today is to reinforce with everybody how important NATO is, the relationship of NATO, and how we need to come together to make sure there’s a strong Europe, a strong NATO, and that the values and the interests that we all share we are continuing to work on together. And I think the unity is very, very important. Thank you all.

MR KIRBY: Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you.