Remarks Before Meeting With Energy Innovators Roundtable

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Palo Alto, CA
October 10, 2016

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, let me just say while these folks are here I’m really grateful to you all for taking the time to come over and say hello and share some thoughts this morning. Ever since Paris, I think the signal that we intended to send to the marketplace is being felt, and we’ve got about $358 billion invested in energy globally last year, in 2015 alone, which is a record level.[1] And clearly people are moving as rapidly as possible to new solutions, finding ways to deliver electricity with higher and higher demand, but to do it in a less expensive and more efficient, modern, effective way.

We have a long way to go, and that’s what I want to talk to you all about today. I want to hear from you, sort of what you see as the challenges in doing this, where the best opportunities are, how could we – we’re – at the State Department, where we are increasingly ramping up in our capacity to be able to help open opportunities, to find opportunities, help deliver them, facilitate relationships with governments which have to make decisions, get regulations right – all these kinds of things are key.

So anyway, this is where it’s happening out here. You guys are in the center of the storm. And I really want to hear from you today sort of how we factor into that and can be most effective in facilitating and maximizing this opportunity. And that’s the bottom line.

So with that said, why don’t we get into our conversation, and we’ll say thank you very, very much to the media folks.

Global investments in clean energy totaled $348.5 billion in 2015.