Secretary Kerry Presents Award at USA Olympic Committee Team Awards Ceremony

John Kerry
Secretary of State
McDonough Arena, Georgetown University
Washington, DC
September 28, 2016

SECRETARY KERRY: Good evening, everybody. Thank you, Matt, and thank you, Akbar (ph). As Secretary of State, I have been able to participate in some incredible moments, but I have to tell you leading the U.S. official delegation to Rio this summer was a really very special privilege, and I thank everybody for it.

The 2016 American Olympic Team was the most successful ever. (Cheers.) And better yet, more to come – and amid the extraordinary excellence, the performance of our women stood out above all, bringing home 61 medals and 27 gold. (Cheers.) In fact, if the women from Team USA had competed in Rio all alone, they would have won as many gold or medals as the men and women combined of any other country. (Cheers.)

So let’s celebrate the best of the best of these awesome athletes. Here are the finalists of the Female Olympic Athlete of the Games.

(Video is played.)

SECRETARY KERRY: Ladies and gentlemen, with Johnny (ph) here to help me, the winner is Katie Ledecky. (Cheers.)