Remarks With Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Waldorf Astoria
New York City
September 19, 2016

QUESTION: The Syrian military is saying the seven-day ceasefire is over. It – has it failed? What --

SECRETARY KERRY: I’ve already – I’ve already spoken to this issue.

QUESTION: But they’re just saying now that the ceasefire --

STAFF: Okay. Thank you, everybody.

STAFF: Thank you.

QUESTION: -- that the seven-day period is over.

SECRETARY KERRY: We have not had seven days of calm and delivery of humanitarian goods, and so – it’d be good if they didn’t talk first to the press but if they talked to the people who are actually negotiating this. And I think it’s, as I said yesterday, time to end the grandstanding and time to do the real work of delivering on the humanitarian goods that are necessary for access. So we just began today to see real movement of humanitarian goods, and let’s see where we are, and we’re happy to have a good conversation with them about how to proceed.