Interview With Nancy Chen of 7News Boston WHDH

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Copacabana Beach
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
August 6, 2016

QUESTION: Secretary of State John Kerry is in Brazil as the head of the U.S. presidential delegation. I had a chance to catch up with him this morning on Copacabana Beach.

It’s been a busy trip for Secretary of State John Kerry in Rio as he represents the United States. Kerry attended Friday night’s opening ceremony, his first one at an Olympic Games.

SECRETARY KERRY: Being there is thrilling, and watching the American team come in and marching – I mean, they literally filled up the entire stadium from one end to the other. I was close to embarrassed. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: Close to, but not quite.

SECRETARY KERRY: No, not quite.

QUESTION: Earlier in the day, the former Massachusetts senator visited with Team USA at a training facility.

SECRETARY KERRY: I, first of all, congratulated them on just getting here because they’re all champions for getting through this, and they’re so disciplined. But what I – really struck me about them is they’re confident; they feel great. I asked some of them, “Are you nervous?” They said no; they’re just full of joy from being here – huge competitive spirit, which is why they’re champions.

QUESTION: And as the world comes together for these Summer Games, the diplomat tells me sports play a key role in international relations.

SECRETARY KERRY: I think in this world right now with all of its tensions and the violence, it offers also a possibility of what peace could be like and how people can get over the hurdles that divide us.

QUESTION: And before flying out tonight, the Secretary went to a couple of events, including beach volleyball, cycling, and men’s gymnastics.

In Rio, Nancy Chen, 7News.