Remarks With Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir Before Their Meeting

John Kerry
Secretary of State
President Wilson Hotel
Geneva, Switzerland
May 2, 2016

QUESTION: Can you tell us how you’re going to separate al-Nusrah from the opposition fighters and stop the fighting in Aleppo?

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, this is what we’re discussing, and – among other things. There are a number of different ways to approach it. There were a lot of conversations taking place yesterday, the day before, today, and we’re getting closer to a place of understanding. But we have some work to do, and that’s why we’re here.

QUESTION: Mr. Minister?

QUESTION: Thank you.

QUESTION: Thank you.

FOREIGN MINISTER Al-JUBEIR: What is happening in Aleppo is an outrage. It’s a violation of all humanitarian laws. It’s a crime. It’s a violation of all the understandings that were reached in – during the Vienna process. It’s a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254. It’s a violation of the understandings reached with regard to the cessation of hostilities.

There is only one side that is flying airplanes, and that is Bashar al-Assad and his allies, so they are responsible for the massacre of women, children, and the elderly. They are responsible for the murder of doctors and medical personnel, and this situation, any way you slice it, will not stand. The world is not going to allow them to get away with this.

And as we’ve said before, Bashar al-Assad’s days are numbered. He will leave. He can leave through a political process, which we hope he will do, or he will be removed by force. A man who murdered 400,000 people, displaced 12 million, destroyed a country, has no future in that country.