Freedom Day Message for South Africa

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
April 27, 2016

On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the people of the Republic of South Africa as you celebrate Freedom Day, the twenty-second anniversary of your democracy.

Today, South Africa is a regional leader, a country with an increasingly important global role, and a valued friend and partner to the United States.

Our two countries share the goals of creating broad-based prosperity and opportunity, of supporting democracy and the rule of law, and of promoting peace and security throughout Africa. Together, we have been working to resolve longstanding trade issues and pursue policies that benefit businesses and workers on both continents. More and more, U.S. firms have shown their confidence by investing in South Africa and its people – and doing so for the long term -- in such sectors as manufacturing, health, and renewable energy.

South Africa’s passage to freedom remains an inspiration to all Americans and to people across the globe. We join with you in celebrating the anniversary of that momentous event, and welcome the prospect of many more years of warmth and friendship between our countries.