Remarks With Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah Before Their Meeting

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Kabul, Afghanistan
April 9, 2016


SECRETARY KERRY: It’s a privilege for me to be able to visit with Dr. Abdullah again. I’m delighted to be here with this team. We are very appreciative for the joint effort of President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah to help at this critical moment for Afghanistan. What they are doing together is statesmanship at its best. Coming together requires a sacrifice by everybody in the interests of the country, and it’s not easy. We know that there are critics of both of them for doing this, but we believe this is the right thing for Afghanistan because it is going to help us – all of us together – to be able to implement the development programs, to do the anticorruption efforts, to build the election reform which was always a top priority of Dr. Abdullah. And that is the way Afghanistan is going to be transformed.

It is also, obviously, a key moment in terms of the security transition, as Afghans are now responsible for their own security. And we have a new relationship in terms of the training and assist and counterterrorism. So I am very grateful. I bring President Obama’s greetings to all Afghans and I bring President Obama’s gratitude for the great efforts that Dr. Abdullah and his team are making together with President Ghani and his to provide Afghans with the future that they need and desire.

So thank you very much. It’s good to be with you.