Iranian Nuclear Agreement Provides Support of International Community

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Testimony Before the Senate Armed Services Committee
Washington, DC
July 29, 2015

If Iran were to start enriching or move back to its program, we have no inspectors, we have no sanctions that are universal.  The United States can have them, but we’ve already seen sanctions don’t get them to give up the program.  So you’re stuck with a situation of what will change the dynamic of their program, and the fact is then you are in, as Secretary Carter has said and as General Dempsey has just said, they will respond, and then we’ll respond, and then it’s back and forth.  The question is:  Where does that end and how does it end, and does it accomplish the goal of getting rid of their program?  We don’t believe so.  We believe this agreement accomplishes the goal and provides us with the support on a continuing basis of the international community.