Could the U.S. Continue Sanctions Instead of the Iran Deal?

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Testimony Before the Senate Armed Services Committee
Washington, DC
July 29, 2015

SECRETARY KERRY: When you say, “Could the United States continue some sanctions?” to what end? To negotiate? I mean, with whom? You think the Ayatollah’s going to come back to negotiate after he’s already --

CHAIRMAN MCCAIN: Secretary Kerry, the time has expired. Please shorten your remarks.

SECRETARY KERRY: But could I just finish one thing, Senator?


SECRETARY KERRY: The reason that the President talks about the possibility of war is Iran has already made it clear that if this is rejected, they consider themselves free to go back and enrich and to go back to where they were with the 12,000 kilograms, 10-12 bombs, et cetera. And the inevitable consequence of that will be what are you going to do about it – next step. We will have lost the international support because the international community is ready to enforce this deal. If we’re not unilaterally, they walk away. So you have huge difficulty with the sanctions and you lose your capacity to have the support for the military strike if there had to be one. It’s not a choice the President wants to make, but it’s the inevitable consequence of them moving to assert what they believe is their right in the furtherance of their program.