Remarks at a Stakeout

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 22, 2015

SECRETARY KERRY: Let me just say very quickly that we are – this is a day we’ve been looking forward to because we get to really talk substance and we get to get out of the politics and into the text. So we’re very much looking forward to answering any and every question that the members of the House have or of any of the members of the Senate.

We are convinced that the agreement that we have arrived at with world powers is an agreement that will prevent Iran from the potential of securing nuclear weapons; it will make the region, our friends and allies safer; it will make the world safer. And we are convinced that the absence of any viable alternative absolutely underscores that fact.

So we look forward to the discussion today and I look forward to having to answer a lot of questions from all of you. Thank you very much.

QUESTION: Secretary Kerry, Jason Rezaian has been in prison now for over a year. He – his release been part of this deal?

SECRETARY KERRY: We are working very hard on him.