Remarks Before Meeting With Civil Society Leaders

John Kerry
Secretary of State
PAWA 254
Nairobi, Kenya
May 5, 2015

Well, I will just say that I am incredibly impressed by the energy and the power, the creativity that is in this building, and the -- you can just feel, in all of the young people that I met, this amazing sense of possibility. And they are really trying to channel their voices, obviously, into a productive and compelling message about the possibilities of the future for their country and for themselves, as individuals. And it is very exciting to see.

I think the government here is very lucky to have this kind of input to people's hopes and aspirations, and I think that I want to learn more about it. (Inaudible) already you can just sense the excitement of the possibilities of their participation with society. Yesterday the President actually was very encouraging to me to come here and to meet with everybody, and to get a sense of that.

So, I am encouraged by that, and I look forward to hearing from everybody. Thank you.