The Passing of Tom Menino

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
October 30, 2014

Tom Menino was Boston. In fact, if you just look around the city, you’ll see with your own eyes that he is Boston today.

Others talked, Tommy worked.

Crime fell, population rose, the skyline became world-class, schools got better, the financial, academic, and medical sectors thrived, and neighborhoods became more diverse. It was in those neighborhoods that Mayor Menino made his mark.

His example for 20 years as Mayor taught us all a lot about people and politics, and his example the last year taught us even more about grace and grit.

Tom Menino had the big bold beating heart of a street politician. People came up to the Mayor and asked him to fix things, and he followed up and fixed them, whether it was streetlights or parks or getting the snow plowed so people could get to work on time. He knew what built community. He felt the city and the neighborhoods in his bones.

He combined good old fashioned common sense with modern, state-of-the-art vision, and he delivered for Boston block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood. He was fiercely loyal and unbelievably reliable.

Teresa and I send Angela and their children and grandchildren a big hug and big prayers.

Together with their beloved Tom, Angela, Susan and Tommy Jr., Bill and Lisa, Giulia, Will, Olivia, and Thomas III, Samantha, and Taylor embody something fundamental: the love that is a great family.

God Bless them all, and God Bless Tom Menino.