Remarks With Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Before Their Meeting

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Celtic Manor
Wales, United Kingdom
September 4, 2014

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, let me just say quickly to the members of the press, we had one meeting earlier with President Obama and the other leaders, principal P5 leaders, and we had a very frank discussion about the challenges in Ukraine. President Poroshenko was very clear about his desire to find a peaceful way forward, but in the absence of that, the need for strong action by those people who support Ukraine. And President Obama is very committed to moving on the next tranche of sanctions, with hopes always that a ceasefire and a real process of disengagement with Russian troops leaving Ukraine and the border being closed – that that can follow.

So that’s our goal, and we’re going to talk now about some of the details with respect to this challenge of how we really resolve a longer-term confrontation.

PRESIDENT POROSHENKO: Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary. First of all, I want to thank United States for the continued support and unity and solidarity with Ukraine. It’s a very difficult time. I think that the – this is the fighting for democracy, fighting for freedom, and the Ukrainian people are mobilized to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their country. But at the end of the day, all of us want peace, and we understand that the – it would be impossible (inaudible) victory by military means.

And the only thing we need now for peace and stability is just two main things: First, that Russia withdraw their troops, and second, to close the border. If it happen, I assure you that Ukraine find out a peace solution within the days. We presented the – (inaudible) my peace plan. It was widely supported inside the country and in the world, and I want to thank the United States for the strong and continued support of peace effort of Ukraine, and we cross the fingers that tomorrow, we have slight hopes that the – our proposal for the immediate ceasefire and the implementation, the – a key element of the peace process on the Trilateral Contact Group. And we will see what’s going on there.

I have a very careful optimism about that, but we think that it can bring to the peace results only – we will have the solidarity, we will have a well-coordinated action, and I think that today discussion – wide discussion about the peace plan, about the DCFTA, about the association agreement, about the future for energy question, is the – exactly about the situation within the economy, is that the – the list of the things it's – we're to discuss between us.

Thank you very much.

SECRETARY KERRY: We look forward to discussing. Thank you all very much.