Remarks With Afghan Security Officials Before Their Meeting

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Kabul, Afghanistan
July 11, 2014

Afghan Minister of the Interior Mohammad Daudzai
Minister of Defense Besmellah Khan Mohammadi
National Security Advisor Rangin Spanta
Intelligence Chief Rahmtullah Nabil


SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you all. Well, I’m delighted to be able to meet with the leaders of the Afghan security structure and that our general, General Joe Dunford, has just been doing an extraordinary job out here. The security team, which is represented here, has done an amazing job of providing security for two elections, which they planned, they executed, they provided, and it was very, very impressive, as has been their effort to maintain neutrality through the country and to press forward in their effort to train and provide for adequate long-term security.

There’s more work to be done. We all understand that. They understand it very well. But it’s a privilege to be able to spend a minute assessing where we are today, and also underscoring the importance in these next days, as the country sorts through the election process, how important stability and a peaceful approach to that stability is. So we’re glad to be able to have a chance to meet.

Dr. Spanta, you’re the security advisor to the president. Do you want to say something?

MR. SPANTA: Yes, sir.


SECRETARY KERRY: Do you want the minister of defense? Minister, you do that. Let’s let the minister go.

PARTICIPANT: (Inaudible.)

MR. SPANTA: (Inaudible) because the language, please?


MR. MOHAMMADI: (Via interpreter) In the name of God, I welcome the arrival of Mr. Secretary of State in Afghanistan today. I know that you have arrived in Afghanistan at such circumstances where we have problems with respect to our elections, and we hope with his arrival this problem will be resolved.

Afghan National Security Forces jointly working together with their partners at the head of NATO and NATO commander General Dunford are working together and they’re fighting seasoned, and their campaigns are ongoing and we are hoping to secure the country.

Despite the extreme pressure from the enemies’ side to take the control of certain parts of the country, Afghan National Security Forces, including Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, National Directorate of Security, with the assistance of our NATO partners, we have been able to defend our country.

And we are ready to defend our country at any circumstances, and it’s a pleasure to let you know that it’s almost one year that we are defending our country unilaterally.

Thank you.

MODERATOR: Thank you, everyone.

SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you all very much.