Remarks With Chinese President Xi Jinping

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Great Hall of the People
Beijing, China
July 10, 2014

PRESIDENT XI: (Via interpreter.) A historical experience in our relationship is a valuable asset that both sides need to keep in mind. President Obama and I have agreed that we will work together to build a new model of major country relations between China and the United States. And from my words and the words of President Obama, people can see our sheer determination to do that. I hope through the joint efforts of both sides, we can make sure the China-U.S. relationship will make some progress in the right direction, and as we stress here, that China will continue to make unrelenting efforts in that direction.

When you go back, please send my best greetings and warm regards to President Obama and Vice President Biden. I welcomed President Obama to come to China in November for the APEC meeting and a bilateral visit, which will give us another opportunity (inaudible).

Now I’d like to listen to your comments please.

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, Mr. President, first of all, thank you on behalf of President Obama and our entire delegation. We’re very grateful to you and your team for the excellent dialogue over these two days.

And thank you for your strong (inaudible) yesterday (inaudible) the dialogue. I think that it helped to raise the level of discussion, and I know that President Obama is very much looking forward to being here for the APEC conference. He wants that conference to be a success, and we hope that these two days have helped to provide the building blocks for that success.

As you know, Mr. President, that Secretary Lew led the economic discussion, and we were engaged with principally State Councilor Yang Jiechi on the security dialogue. And I would just say to you very quickly and I think Secretary Lew would like to say the same thing. President Obama wants to emphasize that the United States welcomes and wants a strong, prosperous, stable China.

And we mean what we say when we emphasize that there is no U.S. strategy to try to push back against or be in conflict with China. There were many, many issues that we discussed. We really covered the waterfront, as we say. But I do want to emphasize that we reached agreement that we need to both do more and we are prepared to do (inaudible) in order (inaudible) Korea on the subject of denuclearization. Secondly, we came to agreement that must press forward together in unity with respect to Iran’s nuclear program, and we look forward to continuing to cooperate in the P5+1.

And third, and I think very importantly, because of your directives last year, because of the meetings we’ve held over this past year, we have really made significant progress in defining our mutual leadership role on climate change. And we believe there’s an enormous opportunity to be able to help (inaudible) internationally , and we’re very grateful to you for your serious effort that your team has made with us to sign EcoPartnerships, to designate specific measures you will take, and to continue to work on that very challenging (inaudible).

# # #