Formation of New Tunisian Government

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
January 29, 2014

The ratification of a new democratic constitution and the installation of an independent government to lead the country towards new elections are historic milestones in Tunisia’s democratic transition.

Three years ago this month, Tunisians inspired the world when a brave fruit vendor sparked a revolution that set the country on a path to democracy. While Tunisia’s transition to democracy is not yet complete, these are very important steps. They are proof positive that Tunisia’s democratic transition can succeed.

Tunisia’s new constitution enshrines universal human rights for all Tunisians. It continues Tunisia’s long tradition of respect for the rights of women and minorities, and it will allow the Tunisian people to realize the aspirations they expressed during their revolution three years ago: democracy, rule of law, personal security, and economic opportunity.

The installation of a new, independent government under the leadership of Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa is an important step to ensure that the country has competent and non-partisan leadership during the period leading to the next election. I look forward to working with Prime Minister Jomaa and his colleagues during this critical period.

The United States also welcomes the establishment of the Independent Elections Commission, and we encourage the new government to move quickly to set a date for early elections so that Tunisian citizens can choose their new leaders and determine the country’s future. Just as men and women made their voices heard on the streets of Tunis, their voices must also be heard in the halls of government.

The United States will continue to support Tunisia’s transition to an enduring democracy in which the rights of all Tunisians are respected and protected.