Remarks at the Arcangeles Wounded Warrior Program

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Coldeportes Bogota, Colombia
August 12, 2013

Buenos dias. Estoy encantado de estar aqui en Bogota and it's a great pleasure for me to meet with all of the teams here. I myself am a veteran. I fought in Vietnam. So for many years I’ve been involved with programs in America to work to try to make sports part of the reentry into life and part of an awareness for people about possibilities after injuries. And what I’ve learned is there are no limits, everything is possible. And you can be an amazing inspiration to so many people about how they can deal with either an accident or one of the things that happens in life that people think is somehow a setback, but people can turn it into something very positive and be an inspiration to millions of people.

The United States is very happy to be supportive of this program. And I understand that a lot of these chairs came from our support and I’m delighted, though I’m a little bit surprised to see how hard you guys bump into each other. That’s a tough sport, but I congratulate you and I really want to thank you for your service, for what you have done for your country, for your people, and what you continue to do even now. And we will do everything possible that we can do to try to be helpful to support this program and other programs and ultimately to try to help bring peace in Colombia.

So thank you for the honor of visiting with you today. Thank you for letting me play a little bit of the volleyball and thank you for my shirt with numero uno. Take care of yourselves. Thank you. (Applause.) And let me congratulate – and Pablo, I want to thank him for his incredible inspiration in helping to start this program and my great congratulations to Minister Botero and everything that you’re doing here in the country. God bless you. Thank you very much.

PRN: 2013/T12-01