Secretary Clinton: Travel to Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands

December 4, 2011 to December 8, 2011

Photos: Switzerland | Netherlands

On December 4-8, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In Bonn, Germany, Secretary Clinton led the United States’ high-level, interagency delegation to the International Conference for Afghanistan on December 5. The Bonn Conference, the first of its kind to be chaired solely by the Afghan Government, was an opportunity to review progress achieved since 2001 and highlight the strong international support for Afghanistan through transition and beyond. In Bonn, the Government of Afghanistan and the international community engaged in mutual commitments to secure the gains already achieved and pave the way for an increasingly self-sustainable Afghanistan.

In Vilnius, Lithuania, on December 6, the Secretary participated in the OSCE ministerial, and meeting with Lithuanian officials and with Belarusian and a wide range of other civil society representatives from across the OSCE region.

Later on December 6, the Secretary visited Geneva, Switzerland and delivered remarks commemorating International Human Rights Day, which falls later that week. On December 7 in Geneva, she spoke at the ministerial event commemorating the 60th and 50th anniversaries of the Refugee and Statelessness conventions. The Secretary also delivered the U.S. national statement at the Biological and Toxin Weapons (BWC) Review Conference, where we hope to revitalize international efforts against biological threats.

Later that day, the Secretary traveled to Brussels, Belgium, for ministerial-level meetings of the North Atlantic Council, the NATO-Russia Council, and with ISAF partners to discuss Afghanistan on December 7-8.

The Secretary concluded her trip with a December 8 visit to The Hague, the Netherlands, where she delivered the keynote address at the opening of a ministerial conference on Internet freedom that launched a cross-regional, multi-stakeholder coalition committed to promoting the freedoms of expression, association, and assembly online.

12/08/2011 Conference on Internet Freedom
12/08/2011 Meeting With Staff of U.S. Embassy The Hague
12/08/2011 Remarks With Dutch Foreign Minister Uriel Rosenthal
12/08/2011 Press Availability in Brussels, Belgium
12/08/2011 Remarks at the Unveiling of the NATO Summit Logo
12/07/2011 Remarks on the U.S.-Slovak Joint Action Plan to Combat Nuclear Smuggling
12/07/2011 Background Briefing on Secretary Clinton's Meetings in Brussels
12/07/2011 Background Briefing on Secretary Clinton's Meetings at NATO
12/07/2011 Remarks at the 7th Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Conference
12/07/2011 Remarks at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ministerial on the 60th Anniversary of the Refugee Convention
12/06/2011 Background Briefing on Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Conference
12/06/2011 Background Briefing on Syria
12/06/2011 Background Briefing on Secretary Clinton's Remarks in Recognition of International Human Rights Day and the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People
12/06/2011 Meeting With LGBT Activists and Supporters from the Diplomatic Corps
12/06/2011 Remarks in Recognition of International Human Rights Day
12/06/2011 Remarks at Meeting with Syrian National Council
12/06/2011 Remarks at the Belarus Civil Society Roundtable
12/06/2011 Remarks at the Civil Society Meet and Greet
12/06/2011 Remarks at the OSCE First Plenary Session
12/05/2011 Remarks at Afghanistan Conference First Working Session
12/05/2011 Background Briefing: Readout on Secretary's Meetings With UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and with Afghan President Karzai
12/05/2011 Background Briefing on the Secretary's Travel to Lithuania
12/05/2011 Background Briefing: the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan and Meeting With European Partners
12/05/2011 Remarks at the Afghan Women's Event
12/05/2011 Remarks at Breakfast with Afghan Civil Society Representatives
12/05/2011 Remarks at the Bonn Conference Center

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Press Releases
12/05/2011 Secretary Clinton's December 6 Human Rights Address