Secretary Clinton: Travel to Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia

November 9, 2011 to November 19, 2011

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii; Manila, Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia November 9-19, 2011, underscoring U.S. efforts to fully engage the region's multilateral institutions and to strengthen key alliances.

Secretary Clinton traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii November 9 for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. On November 10, Secretary Clinton gave remarks at the East-West Center, recapping the APEC 2011 year and underscoring America's Pacific century. She also met bilaterally with a number of foreign ministers and representatives from the Asia-Pacific region. Later that evening, she co-hosted the APEC Ministers Dinner with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk.

On November 11, Secretary Clinton co-hosted, along with Ambassador Ron Kirk, a joint session with foreign and trade ministers. Secretary Clinton led her foreign minister counterparts at a High-Level Dialogue on Disaster Resiliency and chaired a working luncheon High-Level Dialogue on Open Governance and Economic Growth. Later that afternoon, Secretary Clinton delivered remarks at the APEC CEO Summit, highlighting the benefits of broader inclusion of women in the global economy. On November 12, the Secretary hosted a meeting of Pacific Island leaders as part of the Administration’s commitment to ongoing dialogue with this region. On November 12-13, Secretary Clinton joined President Obama for his bilateral meetings and the North American Leaders Summit.

Secretary Clinton traveled to Manila, Philippines on November 15 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty. Her visit there underscores the Administration’s ongoing broader efforts to reaffirm and broaden our alliances. In addition to meetings with Philippine officials on November 16, Secretary Clinton also participated in a signing ceremony to launch the implementation phase of the Partnership for Growth with the Philippines.

On November 16, Secretary Clinton traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to underscore our strong alliance with Thailand and U.S. support for Thailand’s recovery efforts following severe flooding. She met with senior officials to discuss shared interests and regional issues in advance of the East Asia Summit.

Secretary Clinton was in Bali, Indonesia November 17-19 for the East Asia Summit and the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Meeting. She also delivered remarks at the Challenge Corporation signing ceremony.

She returned to Washington, DC on November 19.

11/19/2011 Remarks at Millennium Challenge Corporation Signing Ceremony
11/18/2011 Interview With Ed Henry of Fox News
11/18/2011 Interview With Brianna Keilar of CNN
11/18/2011 Interview With Norah O'Donnell of CBS News
11/18/2011 Interview With Jake Tapper of ABC News
11/18/2011 Interview With Chuck Todd of NBC News
11/18/2011 Remarks at ASEAN Business and Investment Summit
11/17/2011 Secretary Clinton Meets With Staff and Families of Embassy Bangkok
11/17/2011 Interview With Khun Nina of Puying Teung Puying
11/16/2011 Joint Press Availability With Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra
11/16/2011 Social Media Townterview Co-Hosted by GMA Networks and PLDT 
11/16/2011 Presentation of the Order of Lakandula, Signing of the Partnership for Growth and Joint Press Availability with Philippines Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario
11/16/2011 Remarks Aboard USS Fitzgerald Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the U.S.-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty
11/16/2011 Remarks at a Luncheon Hosted by President Benigno Aquino
11/14/2011 Background Briefing with Senior Administration Officials en Route Manila
11/11/2011 Remarks With Nina Easton of Fortune Magazine at the CEO Summit on Women and the Economy
11/11/2011 Press Availability Following the APEC Ministerial Meetings
11/11/2011 Remarks at APEC Ministerial Kickoff
11/10/2011 Readout of Secretary Clinton’s Bilateral Meetings with Chinese, Japanese, and Australian Foreign Ministers
11/10/2011 America's Pacific Century

Press Releases
11/18/2011  DoD-funded Integrated Maritime Surveillance System
11/18/2011  Food Security & the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership
11/18/2011  Global Health Initiative in Indonesia
11/18/2011  Mobile Money Initiative and the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership
11/18/2011  U.S.-Indonesia Collaboration on Science & Technology
11/18/2011  U.S.-Indonesia Cooperation on Peacekeeping
11/18/2011  U.S.-Indonesia Environment and Climate Change Cooperation
11/18/2011  U.S.-Indonesia Trade and Investment Relationship
11/16/2011 U.S. Assistance to Thailand for Flood Recovery
11/16/ 2011 U.S.-Philippines Partnership for Growth Joint Statement of Principles
11/16/2011 United States-Philippines Partnership for Growth
11/16/2011 Signing of the Manila Declaration On board the USS Fitzgerald in Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines
11/13/2011 Secretary Clinton’s Meeting with Pacific Island Leaders
11/12/2011 Creation of Global Food Safety Partnership
11/09/2011 Secretary Clinton to Deliver Remarks on "America's Pacific Century" at APEC Leaders Week in Hawaii on November 10
11/09/2011 Secretary Clinton to Discuss Women and the Economy at APEC CEO Summit in Hawaii on November 11

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