Video Remarks on Westinghouse

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Reuters Soundbite
Prague, Czech Republic
December 3, 2012

Energy security and energy diversification are top issues for our foreign policies around the world.  This is not just about Europe and it is certainly not just about the Czech Republic.

When it comes to civil-nuclear energy, the Czech Republic leads Central Europe both in terms of your commitment to nuclear safety and security here at home and your support for nonproliferation in the international nuclear framework.  It was certainly no accident that President Obama came to Prague early in his first term to speak about the global nonproliferation agenda. 

We are not shy about pressing the case for Westinghouse to expand the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant because we believe that company offers the best option for the project in terms of technology and safety.  It would clearly enhance Czech energy security and further the nuclear cooperation between our two countries and it would create jobs and economic opportunity for Czechs and Americans.