Remarks Before Meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha
Prime Ministry
Tirana, Albania
November 1, 2012

PRIME MINISTER BERISHA: Mrs. Secretary Clinton, every State Secretary visit in Albania is a historic one. Yours is the most historic because it coincides with a great anniversary of my country – of my nation – under the year (inaudible) date. In this context, I assure you, to every Albanians, your presence today is the real jewel in the crown of this great anniversary. Albanians are so grateful to your country, to you, to your government, because (inaudible). They manage to prevail in most difficult situations and are, today, free nations. Thanks and having the privilege to have your (inaudible) role of your nation, your government, your country. Once again, most warmly, welcome. It is a great day for Albanians.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Prime Minister, it’s a great honor to be here on the first day of the month that commemorates your hundredth anniversary of independence. The United States has been proud to be your partner and your friend as you have continued to make progress to consolidate democracy, to open up your economy, to provide opportunity for all the people of your country. We heartily congratulate you on the first 100 years, and we look forward to our close working relationship for the next 100 years.

PRN: 2012/T73-15