Video Remarks for the New Deal for Fragile States

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
November 14, 2012

The video below is available with closed captioning on YouTube

I want to thank all of you for highlighting the unique needs of fragile and conflict-affected states.

We all know the statistics.  Right now, these states are home to 1.5 billion people.  So far, not one of these states is on track to meet a single Millennium Development goal by 2015. 

The New Deal for Fragile States, which you have developed from the very beginning, is an exciting and fresh approach that has the chance to deliver real results.  It recognizes that promoting peace and prosperity in a fragile state is a long, difficult road—and it starts with a few clear priorities, from a legitimate political system to improved justice, stronger security, more economic opportunities.  It requires dialogue with counterparts from other ministries and parliaments, between civil society and government.  It takes leadership from within each country—and all of us working together to support these priorities. 

That’s why the United States is proud to be a partner and champion of your work. Delivering better results to enable peaceful and prosperous countries is central to our foreign policy and humanitarian priorities.

We also must work to include society’s most marginalized groups—especially women and girls.  Bring together civil society and government to promote a more inclusive set of processes.

If we promote these ideals and harness the opportunities presented by this New Deal, we can create lasting change for these 1.5 billion people.  So thank you—thank you for being agents of change in your communities and countries and know that the United States will be your partner as you move forward.