Video Message to the Concordia Summit

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
September 27, 2012

The video below is available with closed captioning on YouTube

Hello, everyone. I am so honored to be receiving the first annual Concordia award. I’m only sorry that I can't be there with you in person in New York to accept the award, but I think you've got a pretty good substitute. I am delighted that Bill could be there for both of us.  As many of you know, advancing public-private partnerships has been a cornerstone of my agenda as Secretary of State, so this recognition is truly special.

I’m also delighted that so many of you have come together to explore the potential of public-private partnerships. I’m thrilled that the Concordia Summit has emerged as a venue for your discussions.  As leaders from around the world and across industries, you have recognized the powerful impact we can have when we harness the strengths of both the public and private sectors.  And you know we’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to the benefits we can draw from these partnerships.

In today’s world, more than ever, it is not just shaped by meetings between heads of state; it’s shaped by students starting businesses in dorm rooms, by individual citizens speaking out, by companies moving billions in trade dollars across the borders in seconds.  Each of us has a hand in molding tomorrow’s world, and we will do so much better if we work together.

So, thank you for leading the way, and you have my very best wishes for all you are doing. And I look forward to hearing the results of what comes from your consultations because you're really going to make a difference. Thank you all very much.