Video Remarks for the Social Good Summit

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
September 26, 2012

This video is available on YouTube with closed captions.

I am so delighted to be joining you for this year’s Social Good Summit. And I want to thank Mashable, 92Y, the UN Foundation, Ericsson, the Gates Foundation, and UNDP for creating this extraordinary platform for global engagement.  You know, leaders from around the world are coming together this week at the United Nations seeking solutions for some of the toughest challenges we all face.

And at the same time, a revolution in social media is helping people everywhere take part in a global conversation about how we can work together to advance the common good. We are living at a moment when anyone can be a diplomat. All you have to do is hit “send.”  So this is a monumental opportunity.

And at the State Department, we are working to harness new technologies that will strengthen civil society, fight corruption, empower youth, and promote women’s health. We’ve partnered with the Community of Democracies to create an online network for leaders in new democracies. And we’re making it easier for Americans to contribute to civil society groups around the world. But we can’t do this work alone. We need your help.

So please use this unprecedented opportunity to become involved. Share your ideas. Mobilize your friends. Take action online – and off. And help us ensure that this global conversation delivers results for people and helps build a better world for us all.

Thank you very much.