Remarks to Katy Marton

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
September 11, 2012

Well, I really think the Ambassador has said everything that needs to be said in such a warm and embracing way. We thank you and Sophie for opening up this magnificent home on behalf of our friend. And of course, it’s a great (inaudible) for the title of her book - for a city that not only she has loved, and she and Richard loved together, but all of us loved.

One of the young reporters or camera people wandering around came up to me and said, “When were you first in Paris?” And I started thinking, “Oh my gosh, it was so long ago.” (Laughter.) And yet the memories are indelible. And thank you so much for having us here tonight.

Katy asked me to say just a few words, and they will be very, very few. We’re here because we support you, and we admire you, and we root for you. And your book has such an intense emotion attached to it that, as I said to you when I came in, it was hard to read. And you gave the right response: “It was hard to write.” But we’re very proud and very grateful that you did. And we can only imagine how much solace being in Paris is for you now.

But we do have a request, my dear friend, and that is you cannot be gone too long. You have to be part of this continuing family that you alone and you and Richard together helped to create. And we love you, and please come and say a few words. (Applause.)