Remarks at a Meeting With Somali Roadmap Signatories

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Intercontinental Hotel
Nairobi, Kenya
August 4, 2012

SECRETARY CLINTON: (In progress) pleased I am to have this opportunity to meet with Sheikh Sarif, President of the Transitional Federal Government, and other high officials of the TSG and other high officials from across Somalia.

We are very encouraged by the progress that the leaders have been making to meet all the requirements of the roadmap by the August 20 deadline. And I will be looking forward to discussing with the President and others the remaining tasks to be concluded and then the work that will begin after August 20th to support the new government and to provide the kind of international sustainability that the people of Somalia so deserve so they can have the opportunity for a peaceful future with prosperity and development for the betterment of all the Somali people. Thank you.

PRN: 2012/T69-10