Remarks With Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Blair House
Washington, DC
April 12, 2012

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, my friend and colleague and I have a lot in common, except for who we support in the upcoming playoffs. The fact is that I hate to root against any team called the Senators; however, I was a senator because of the good people of New York, so of course I’m rooting for – ta-da – the Rangers.

FOREIGN MINISTER BAIRD: And while I like one New York senator – (laughter) – former New York senator – (laughter) – I like the Ottawa Senators, so we’re obviously with the Ottawa Senators. And we’re having a bet for the first round of the playoffs. And we’re looking forward to giving you this great Ottawa Senators jersey. It’s my favorite player, Jason Spezza. You’ll look great in it. (Laughter.) You can wear it around the house.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I want lots of pictures of you wearing this jersey – (laughter) – once the Rangers actually win. And so we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out, but I’m pretty confident that you’ll look good in blue.

FOREIGN MINISTER BAIRD: I look good in blue. (Laughter.) But I think I look better in red. (Laughter.)

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thanks, everybody.

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