Video Remarks to the Oslo Dignity & Empowerment Conference

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 21, 2012

Good morning, and thank you to everyone who helped organize today’s conference and to all of you for coming together to discuss such an important issue.

As many of you know, advancing the status of women around the world is a cause that is close to my heart and it has been central to my agenda as Secretary of State. You see, it is not just a moral imperative—it is a strategic one as well. We simply cannot solve the global problems confronting us, from a worldwide financial crisis to chronic poverty, if half the world’s population is left behind or left on the sidelines. To address these challenges, we need to tap the talents of people from everywhere, especially women and girls.

The United States is committed to this cause, and we are forming new partnerships to help us advance it. Norway has been an extraordinary partner in this and so many other efforts. Through initiatives like the Open Health program, we are making significant progress together.

But the reach of our work must expand beyond the halls of government and into NGOs, the private sector, cities, towns, villages worldwide. That is why your being here is so important. It takes people like you to think of the ideas that will help push boundaries and build movements. Thank you for your commitment, and I look forward to hearing the results of this year’s Partnership for Change Conference. Thank you very much.