Arab League Suspends Syria

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
November 12, 2011

Today the Arab League took a strong and historic stance aimed at stopping the violence in Syria and protecting Syrian civilians. The United States commends the principled stand taken by the Arab League and supports full implementation of its efforts to bring a peaceful end to the crisis.

The failure of the Assad regime, once again, to heed the call of regional states and the international community underscores the fact that it has lost all credibility. The United States reiterates its calls for an immediate end to the violence, for free unfettered access for human rights monitors and journalists to deter and document grave human rights abuses and for Asad to step aside so a peaceful transition can begin. As today's Arab League decision demonstrates, the international pressure will continue to build until the brutal Asad regime heeds the calls of its own people and the world community.

PRN: 2011/1921