Video Remarks to the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance Annual Meeting

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Vilnius, Lithuania
March 18, 2011

Good afternoon. I’m delighted to be able to address this first annual meeting of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance. And I join you in honoring Prime Minister Kubilius of Lithuania and Prime Minister Dombrovskis of Latvia for all they are doing to reform state-owned enterprises and build vibrant 21st century economies.

The transformation of the Baltic region over the past two decades is remarkable. You have shown a commitment to democracy and expanding economic opportunities that is transforming your communities and your countries. I share with all of you the belief that transparent corporate governance is essential to stable finance markets and sustainable economic growth. It prevents corruption and helps attract the business and investment required to make economies grow.

Your work to reform state-owned enterprises sends a strong message across the region about the importance of transparency and accountability. As you continue to grow stronger economies and increase opportunity, know that the United States stands with you.

Thank you.