Remarks With Japanese Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Le Meurice Hotel
Paris, France
March 15, 2011

QUESTION: Mr. Foreign Minister, what’s the greatest need from the international community?

FOREIGN MINISTER MATSUMOTO: (Via interpreter.) We have been already receiving a lot of assistance from the international community, but we would like to (inaudible). I much appreciate the United States Government for their assistance and also their encouragement.

SECRETARY CLINTON: And I want to, on behalf of the United States, express both our condolence and our solidarity with the government and people of Japan. Japan is always a very generous donor to any disaster anywhere in the world, and today, the world comes together to support Japan in its hour of need. And the minister and I will be discussing a lot of the specifics that we are working on together.

PRN: 2011/T42-02