Remarks with Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Zbogar Before Their Meeting

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
July 14, 2010

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, it’s a pleasure to welcome back the foreign minister from Slovenia, someone with whom I have already had the privilege of working with over the last 16 months. And I’m very grateful for the close partnership that we are developing and the very substantive work that we are undertaking. So again, I look forward to our meeting.

FOREIGN MINISTER ZBOGAR: Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Secretary Clinton. I’m very happy to be in – back in Washington. There was a year back when we had our first meeting here in Washington. It was different situation then, different issue that we discussed, but some remain the same. I think that one of the big topics that is now coming to our agenda will be (inaudible) the Balkans, and I am looking forward to our discussion.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you so much.



QUESTION: Secretary Clinton, do you think the allegations that BP had a hand in Megrahi’s release deserve to be investigated --

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you all. Nice to see you, Arshad.

QUESTION: -- as your former colleagues have asked?

SECRETARY CLINTON: (Laughter.) Always good to see you. (Laughter.) No, but seriously, I have received the letter and we will obviously look into it.

QUESTION: Thank you.

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