Remarks With Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai Before Their Meeting

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Treaty Room
Washington, DC
May 11, 2010

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, good afternoon and we have had an excellent day with our Strategic Partnership dialogue this morning. And then President Karzai paid a visit to Walter Reed. We are very appreciative of the time he spent visiting the young men and women who have served in Afghanistan alongside young Afghans.


He was just saying to me he has visited his own young soldiers who have been wounded grievously and he saw the same today. And this was another very stark reminder in the most human of terms that our two countries are committed to a struggle that is intended to make both of our nations more secure and to give young people like those that the president saw at home and here at Walter Reed a better chance going forward. And I thank you, President Karzai, for your partnership.


PRESIDENT KARZAI: Thank you, Madam Secretary. As you rightly described it, my visit this morning after the successful (inaudible) that you and I and our delegations had over the vast array of issues that we (inaudible) to the Walter Reed Hospital and the visit to the wounded and those who have lost their limbs and arms and legs in Afghanistan, who had also endured other very serious injuries in the war on terror, was once again a stark reminder that we together have a difficult journey to make, and that the young men and women of our countries are willing to sacrifice for the sake of our security in Afghanistan and in the United States.


For me, it was a painful moment, as it was for me visiting the Afghan troops in Afghanistan, to see those young American soldiers, some with very young babies and children, one who had lost both legs, the other who had lost both arms and legs – an extremely painful experience, an extremely painful moment for me. I wish that we will have no more of our young people losing their lives or limbs like that. I wish we succeed without the cost, but unfortunately, the reality of life isn’t that.


I convey my best wishes to the families, as I did in the hospital, and to the American people for the sacrifice, and all the more for us reason to work hard to bring victory to our struggle and the objectives that we have.


Once again, Madam Secretary, thank you very much for your tremendous hospitality. As always, (inaudible) a much greater (inaudible) than we can ever be back there in Afghanistan.




QUESTION: President Karzai, one question?



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