International Anti-Corruption Day

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Video Message For Anti-Corruption Day
Washington, DC
December 9, 2009

Greetings from Washington. I want to thank all of you for your work to root out corruption that weakens economic development, feeds black markets and organized crime, and undermines the promise of democracy.

Ten years ago, OECD members brought the Anti-Bribery Convention into force, a milestone in global efforts to encourage responsible and accountable governance. Now, as we mark this International Anti-Corruption Day, we are taking steps to strengthen the Convention with a revised recommendation that includes new guidelines and best practices that will help governments provide effective enforcement mechanisms and help businesses develop robust internal controls and compliance provisions.

I want to thank the Working Group on Bribery for its leadership in developing the revised recommendation and I urge all member states to implement it. The United States fully supports the OECD’s anti-corruption agenda and we look forward to being one of the first countries reviewed again next year. We also are encouraging our major trading partners that have not yet acceded to the Convention to join our efforts.

As we work together to eradicate corruption in our own countries, we should also maintain the highest standards of transparency and accountability in our development efforts around the world. Corruption in emerging markets and fragile democracies undermines the confidence of citizens and investors alike, while responsible governance helps to foster sustainable economic development and political stability.

You know curbing corruption is a serious global challenge, and so it will take global partnerships to meet it. We’re eager to work with governments, multilateral institutions, businesses, civil society leaders, NGOs – everyone with a stake in a level playing field and the rule of law.

Thank you again for your leadership. I am confident that together, we can ensure the responsible and accountable governance that businesses and citizens everywhere deserve and expect.