Camera Spray at Top of Trilateral Meeting with Estonia and Latvia

Photo Opportunity
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Hotel Adlon
Berlin, Germany
November 8, 2009

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I am delighted to have this opportunity to meet with the presidents of two countries with which the United States has long historical, familial, political ties. And I look forward to hearing from each of them about what is happening in Estonia and Latvia, and how the United States can broaden and deepen our relationship.

PRESIDENT ILVES: Well, we are just happy to be here. This is a wonderful occasion, 20 years (inaudible). I am glad to see (inaudible). When I was ambassador (inaudible) in charge of your visit to Estonia.


PRESIDENT ILVES: (Inaudible) years ago, yes.


PRESIDENT ILVES: Yes, so it is old friends getting together again.

PRESIDENT ZATLERS: I agree that it is a very important occasion. We are meeting here in Berlin, and (inaudible) turning point in our history and also a turning part for democracy in the eastern part of Europe. It is very important that we are all together today here in Berlin, saying that nothing is going to change (inaudible) future for a better Europe, for a better America.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Indeed. Thank you. Thank you all.

PRN: 2009/T15-01