Indian Independence Day Message

Press Statement
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
August 14, 2009

To all those around the world who trace their heritage from the Republic of India, I wish you a happy Independence Day. Indians everywhere commemorate this day in 1947 when their nation awoke to life and freedom, and recall the sacrifices their countrymen and countrywomen made to gain that freedom. This anniversary serves as an inspiration to all, a reminder that open and democratic societies are best suited to helping people fulfill their dreams and aspirations. People and political movements across the globe continue to be inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian people’s message of nonviolence. When you raise your flag in celebration today, be proud of the values that it represents.


I had the honor and pleasure of visiting India only weeks ago, and experienced firsthand the warmth and vitality of the people of India. On this historic occasion, let me reaffirm the deep commitment of the United States to work together to build a stronger partnership between our two nations based on common interests, shared values and mutual respect.



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